Next-Day Payouts For
Multichannel Sellers

Cymbio’s customers can benefit from fully automated fin-ops, and built-in financing on all digital channels

Finance dashboard

Is your collection flow
too slow, costly, and manual?

Meet Cymbio Finance 👋
Cymbio Finance was created to improve efficiency and liquidity, putting your money back to work faster with next-day payouts. Chasing retailers' AP teams for disputes and discrepancies as well as manual reviews of invoices, remittance reports, sales reports, returns and chargebacks are a thing of the past.
Fully Automated Financing for Your
Multichannel Commerce Sales
Cash Flow Streamlining
Automated daily payouts for the previous day’s sales
Automatically manage incoming payments and match invoices to simplify the reconciliation process
Payment Collection
Retailer and marketplace payment collection handling
Reports and Analytics
Reporting and analytics for planning and improved operations
Get Paid Faster and Grow Your Brand
Cymbio is built to enable brands to connect, list and sell products across digital sales channels while financing brands’ growth across all retailers and marketplaces they wish to sell on.
FInance Platform

Get paid instantly and eliminate fin-ops overhead on any of our 800+ supported
marketplaces, department stores and social commerce platforms.

Roy Avidor
CEO & Co-Founder, Cymbio

“Cymbio’s mission is to power digital commerce growth for the world’s biggest and most innovative brands by enabling automated multi-channel commerce. With the launch of Cymbio Finance, we are offering our brand partners a growth spurt opportunity, which will create a flywheel effect for them, as their multi-channel sales will now have the same payment terms as DTC sales, allowing for continued growth. Our early adopters have shortened their cash flow by an average of 32 days, which is significant, especially in today’s economy. Cymbio now offers a true end-to-end solution for brands taking the multi-channel commerce approach.”

Chris Wichert
Chris Wichert
Co-Founder, Koio

“One of the main challenges in scaling a brand in a multi-channel approach is cash flow management. Cymbio’s fully automated platform, with the built-in financing solution, solves our multi-channel management challenges and will allow us to focus on investing in our brand and growing our business.” 

Trusted & Secure
Cymbio Finance is bank-grade secured. You can rest easy knowing that your brand’s data is safe with us, and you’ll receive your payments quickly, consistently, and securely.