Melissa U.S. Taps Tech Firm Cymbio to Boost Sales Initiatives

Melissa U.S. Taps Tech Firm Cymbio to Boost Sales Initiatives

The footwear retail landscape is competitive, and savvy brands, retailers and distributors are turning to tech to enhance sales and revenue growth. Melissa U.S. has chosen tech firm Cymbio for its wholesale growth platform.

According to a Cymbio spokesperson, Melissa tested its platform for six months and experienced a “lift of more than 14 percent in units sold across selected accounts.” The spokesperson added that Melissa intends to implement Cymbio with at least 400 of its existing retailers as well as new accounts.

Michele Levy, founder & CEO of Ilhabela — Melissa’s U.S. distributor — confirmed that working with Cymbio will not only strengthen the Brazilian brand’s sales capabilities with its partners but produce “mutual growth with low risk.”

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