We Are Cymbio!

Boost Digital Sales with Drop Ship and Marketplace Automation

We Help Brands Scale

We help brands scale by increasing digital sales channels through fully automated drop ship and marketplace operations. Our unified platform enables seamless connectivity for brands and their retailer counterparts. And the only of its kind to automate ALL processes to ANY retailer, including the complete set-up, onboarding and daily management of streamlined product data, imagery, mapping, inventory syncing, taxonomy, orders, billing, tracking, returns, reports and more.

Founded in 2015, Cymbio efficiently connects to both brands’ and retailers’ internal systems, enabling strong collaborations, quick scaling and overall sales growth!


[Derived from the word sym·bi·o·sis]

Meaning: a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.
  • We are the magic that seamlessly connects brands with their retail partners.
  • A digital sales growth channel striving to widen the brand’s digital footprint.
  • A group of hard-working commerce enthusiasts who love our customers and love seeing them grow.
  • We work with any system, data-set or protocol (including but not limited to): eCommerce, 3PLs, ERPs, WMS, OMS, IMS, PIMs, API and EDI.
  • All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the process.

Meet Our AWESOME Founders:

Roy, Mor and Gilad

As childhood best friends, Roy and Mor always knew they wanted to create something magnificent together. With a passion for eCommerce, they sought to solve some of the industry’s strongest pain points. Time met opportunity, and in 2015 Roy, Mor and Gilad all joined forces to create what we know today as Cymbio.

The Dream Team

Think You’re Cymbio Material?

Cymbio’s dream team is made up of some of the most savvy, creative and fun individuals. We strive for excellence in everything we do and always believe in challenging the status quo.

Join us!

What Our Customers Love About Us

  • Customers First

    We take pride in providing the best customer experience possible. Our customers are our raving fans, really… just ask them.
  • Time Is Everything

    We are lean, quick on our toes, and work fast - it’s who we are.
  • Responsiveness

    We are always available, always responsive and always on top of our game.
  • Result Oriented

    We solve brands’ most pressing problems. The proof is in the pudding.
  • Get Sh*t Done

    We are lean, efficient and take full responsibility, from A-Z for full set-up and daily management of brand to retail connectivity.

They Love Cymbio