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Cynthia Rowley Case Study

In order to grow sustainably, Cynthia Rowley needed a solution that wouldn’t interrupt its existing e-commerce operations. As Cynthia Rowley tried to expand its brand to sell to even more e-commerce retailers, it found that onboarding new partners presented a number of challenges.

Reef Case Study

Reef has been focused on expanding partnerships with key retail partners to evolve and grow their digital presence for three years. As the drop ship business has grown and evolved, REEF needed to find a solution that could fast track onboarding new customers, streamline retailer set up documents while also removing the manual process of most of the daily order management and operational tasks.

New Balance Case Study

New Balance needed a quick and seamless solution to connect their multi-region subsidiaries to numerous marketplaces and retailers, in a variety of languages and currencies. They lacked one primary platform to centralize and automate the extensive requirements with each retailer, including product data, multi-warehouse inventory, order routing, and documentation necessary per each retailer.

Camper Case Study

Camper was founded in 1975 in Mallorca, Spain, as a contemporary, casual shoe brand, dedicated to creating original footwear concepts. The Camper brand is marketed globally and is present in over 40 countries, with more than 400 stores and sales of around 4 million annually.

Haus of Brilliance Case Study

After going live with Cymbio towards the end of 2021, Haus of Brilliance saw a huge growth spurt going live on more than 5 retailers.

Craighill Case Study

After 2 years working with Cymbio, Craighill was able to grow its brand by maximizing its sales on seven different retailer and marketplace platforms, and establishing a successful dropship business. 

Melissa Case Study

Melissa chose Cymbio as its wholesale growth platform to offer available to sell inventory to pre-approved, selected retail partners. Cymbio’s platform automated the entire process from granting permissions for styles to each retailer, populating the product and data to the retailers’ eCommerce sites while managing inventory and processing the orders.

Sea Star Case Study

Since joining Cymbio, Sea Star launched on two different retailers in 2020, Maisonette and Nordstrom with a gross merchandise volume (GMV) in retailers connected through Cymbio of over $200,000.

Dotty Dungarees Case Study

Dotty Dungarees turned to Cymbio’s expertise for help with onboarding to Zalando's marketplace. Read more to learn how we solved this challenge..

Lemlem Case Study

The successful integration of Cymbio’s eCommerce automated solutions to ApparelMagic’s powerful ERP offered significant growth for Lemlem.

OMAMImini Case Study

OMAMImini wanted to expand into online retailers globally in the most cost effective way relying on maximum automation. Learn more...

Playlearn Case Study

With a need to scale their e-commerce business online and grow brand awareness in the most efficient, smooth way possible, Playlearn turned to Cymbio to help access key retail sites in order for sales to increase.

Cuts Case Study

Cuts needed a solution that would help them integrate their data to a new system without overloading their team with the manual work. Cymbio's automation platform helped them save time and resources

Leota Case Study

Leota was looking for a solution to scale their digital sales channels without overloading their existing workflows. With their growth plans, they couldn't rely on manual processes anymore. Cymbio stepped in to automate their eCommerce operations and enable seamless scaling.

Samplize Case Study

Samplize was on the way to expanding their digital sales channels, but needed a solution to onboard to a retailer with a complex data system and unique requirements. Cymbio stepped in and helped them not only automate processes with their existing retail connections, but created a new integration for the brand, too.

tokyobike Case Study

tokyobike needed to ease the onboarding process for one of the brands selling on its DTC site, in part so that retail partnership could flourish, and in part so the company could devote more energy to scaling its sales channels. Cymbio stepped in and automated the processes on the DTC side, enabling tokyobike's retail expansion.

Melange Case Study

Melange needed a quick solution fix for the pain points they faced while trying to scale their operations. An automated one-to-all connection gave them the ability to onboard to new retailers and grow their business seamlessly.

Fair Harbor Case Study

Fair Harbor was looking for a way to expand their sales channels via drop ship on a major retailer, but needed a solution that would allow them to onboard their product catalog quickly and seamlessly.

Maisonette Case Study

Maisonette’s executive team was eager to grow its assortment of incredible brands. They had challenges working with brands’ existing systems and data-sets and efficiently working with each brand's product data, inventory, orders and documents.They needed a quick and efficient solution that could seamlessly enable them to work with any desired brand, to add and diversify their assortment.