Cuts Case Study
How Automation & One Retail Connection Helped CUTS Overcome Systems Roadblocks


CUTS Clothing, an apparel brand founded in 2016, developed an innovative fabric called PYCA Pro, aimed at making classically stylish and versatile clothing that can easily be transformed from day to nightwear. 


While some brands choose to grow by scaling on multiple channels and platforms, CUTS was planning to launch on a single retailer’s site via drop ship. However, the system they used to manage their existing wholesale and direct to consumer operations wasn’t compatible with the chosen retailer. They needed a solution to help them integrate their data into a new system without overloading their team with the manual work typically associated with onboarding.



Cymbio automated their product set-up, inventory management, and orders and onboarded them to an eCommerce platform, enabling them to jump-start selling via drop ship with a major retailer. Without Cymbio, this entire process could have taken months of manual work, placing additional operational strain on their team. Cymbio saved CUTS hours of manual work, and operated an error-free onboarding process that provided a seamless connection and pathway towards a fruitful relationship between the retailer and brand.


Just a few months after beginning to sell on their major retail partner, CUTS is nearly doubling its quarterly digital sales GMV and is well on its way to outpacing its predicted sales targets.

“As a start-up apparel brand looking to expand with a major retail partner, we lacked the tools and manpower needed to integrate back-end systems.  Cymbio was a great partner in getting us in the game quickly and efficiently.”


Mike Ewald
Director of Sales

Why Cymbio

With Cymbio’s integration, CUTS was able to start selling in just a matter of weeks, increasing its presence and visibility, growing its sales, and scaling its business. Since Cymbio has existing integrations for hundreds of retail partners, set-up, integration, and onboarding were simple and timely.