tokyobike Case Study
A Truly Symbiotic Relationship: How Cymbio Empowered Easier Selling and Scaling For A Retailer & Brand


tokyobike is a hybrid brand and retailer focused on bicycling goods. They have an online DTC operation, as well as physical stores in cities around the globe. Their ethos is based on the idea that bicycles are more than just a mode of transportation: they’re a tool for contemplation.



tokyobike was introduced to Cymbio by a marketplace they were selling on, and they were looking to expand their digital sales channels while growing their own DTC operation. On their Shopify site, they sell not only their own name-brand goods, but products from other brands as well. One such brand is Thousand, which is known for their stylish and safe cycling helmets. Thousand faced the same problem that many brands do when selling on retailers: the data mapping, transformation, and formatting process required to list items is long, complicated, and draining. Thousand needed an easy fix to be able to streamline their digital sales on tokyobike, and tokyobike needed to ease Thousand’s burden and retain them as a partner and happy customer, so they could focus on scaling their own business.


Cymbio has helped tokyobike expand their digital sales channels to include 2 additional marketplaces, as well as an upcoming drop ship partnership with a third. Since tokyobike has a product offering that’s more niche, their expansion has been selective and they’ve chosen to work with curated marketplaces and retailers. While some brands are in a growth mindset that aims to expand everywhere, tokyobike has taken a more focused approach, and Cymbio has been there every step of the way.

In addition, Cymbio automated Thousand’s product data, order and inventory management to make selling on tokyobike that much easier. It was a win-win for both brand and retailer. 


As part of tokybike’s partnership with Cymbio, and the expanded retail connections that our platform enabled them to make, the company increased their yearly GMV by over 170%. This dictates an incredible upward trend made possible by seamless eCommerce processes and the ability to easily scale digital channels. 

Cymbio’s work with Thousand also eased their pain point of manual data management, making the selling process on tokyobike a painless process for the brand. 

“Being able to give partner brands an easier way to sell on our site makes a huge difference for us and for them. Everyone wants a seamless eCommerce process and experience, and Cymbio afforded us that. Thanks to Cymbio’s automation platform, both tokyobike and Thousand can grow, scale operations, and not only sell more, but sell more easily as well.”

Juliana Rudell Di Simone
Partner & Director

Why Cymbio

Cymbio helped make selling on tokyobike easier, ensuring smoother processes for both sides. In working with tokyobike and automating their own external eCommerce processes as well, we’ve assisted them to scale their digital sales channels and increase their revenue.

Cymbio also opened the door for Thousand to be able to explore new opportunities in the digital retail space. In doing so, we’ve found an even more beneficial partnership not only with the brand, but with tokyobike as well, and creating the potential for more opportunities in the future to help both brand and retail ensure smooth and seamless eCommerce experiences.