Craighill Case Study
Cymbio Helps Craighill Expand to 7 Marketplaces and Retailers in a Year



Founded in 2015 in NYC, designer Hunter Craighill had a very clear vision for a brand that offers functional and timeless home, office, and daily carry pieces. Employing clean, minimalist designs, Craighill products appeal to customers both aesthetically and functionally.

From distinctly designed glasses holders, key rings, pens, catch-alls, puzzles, and beyond, Craighill puts careful thought and effort into ensuring each item is enduring and unique.

Craighill products
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Craighill was selling its products through its own website as well as a global network of online and brick and mortar retailers,,but wanted to find a way to scale to more channels and further grow its business. Initially, Craighill wasn’t set up with a strong dropship operation and had limited time, resources, and technical bandwidth to dedicate to onboarding new dropship and marketplace retailers. In order to get its products in front of more potential customers, Craighill needed to find a solution to scale that wouldn’t put significant extra demand on the business’s budget or manpower.


When Craighill turned to Cymbio, the brand was only connected with one marketplace retailer. Using Cymbio’s automation platform, Craighill was able to expand operations to seven new retailers and marketplaces, enabling the company to grow its business. Cymbio helped Craighill connect with new retailers and marketplaces and also helped automate tasks like inventory syncing, reporting, and order management so that the Craighill team could focus on creating its fun and quirky products. Additionally, Cymbio’s easy Shopify integration paved the way for Craighill to switch e-commerce platforms, another key step in the company’s growth. 


After 2 years working with Cymbio, Craighill was able to grow its brand by maximizing its sales on seven different retailer and marketplace platforms, and establishing a successful dropship business. 

By working with Cymbio’s team and our automation platform, Craighill achieved a number of business accomplishments:

  • Went from selling only on direct channels to listing products on seven different marketplaces and retailers, including: Madewell, J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Verified Shops, and Free People.
  • Saw a whopping 208% MoM from inception and 34% YoYgrowth this past year thanks to the now existing marketplace, retailer, and dropship sales.
  • By growing the business to new marketplaces, Craighill saw $157,467 in converted Gross Merchandise Value revenue in 2022.

“With Cymbio’s help, we have been able to automate the dropship and marketplace sales process with  six new retailers, which has had a significant impact on our sales and growth over the last year. Cymbio provided us with the support we needed to streamline and automate our systems and  grow our brand without needing to extend our budget.”

Zach Fried
Head of Brand and Co- Founder