Fair Harbor Case Study
How Two Siblings Turned a Small Eco-Friendly Brand into a Multi-Million Dollar Business


Launched in 2014, Fair Harbor’s sibling co-founders Jake and Caroline Danehy created a successful business by transforming recycled water bottles into ultra-comfortable beachwear. The family-run brand began as an homage to the laid-back, seaside lifestyle they loved growing up on Fire Island, NY, and a desire to protect it from plastic pollution. Since then, the company has repurposed more than 26 million bottles to become the fastest-growing sustainable beachwear company in the United States. Fueled by passion and purpose, Fair Harbor continues to expand its categories as part of its evolution into a full lifestyle retail brand.


Fair Harbor
Fair Harbor


Back in 2020 Fair Harbor was selling its merchandise in small boutiques in and around New York City, and were looking to expand their sales channels via drop ship on a major retailer. As many small brands do, they faced the issue of manual integrations into the proper data format, which was difficult for a limited team to execute. They needed to find a simple way to get their product catalogs onto retailers’ sites quickly.


Cymbio provided an efficient solution to transform Fair Harbor’s data in a readable format for retailers so they could start their drop ship operations smoothly and quickly. Cymbio launched Fair Harbor on multiple department stores and marketplaces, automating the day-to-today, allowing the team to grow their brand while we took care of their digital retail connections. 


Not only did Fair Harbor surpass their 2020 revenue in the first quarter of 2021 alone, but they expanded their partnership with a one larger retailer from a drop ship-only model to one that includes wholesale as well. This changing relationship indicates continuous and momentous success on Fair Harbor’s part: to date, their sales have increased more than 209% YoY, and they’ve increased their presence on other retailers by 400%. We are continually adding new channels for Fair Harbor and are thrilled that their multi-channel eCommerce success has turned into a multi-million dollar business! 

  • 209%

    YoY digital growth via Cymbio in 2021

  • 119%

    increase in average units sold

“Cymbio has been a pleasure to work with and helps us seamlessly integrate into our drop ship partners systems. We have been incredibly excited about our drop ship growth over the last few years and Cymbio has helped make that growth possible.”

Jake Danehy
Jake Danehy
CEO & Co-founder at Fair Harbor

Why Cymbio

Fair Harbor was searching for a way to break into the drop ship market but with limited operational capacity and budget, they needed a creative solution to do so. 

Here’s what Cymbio gave them: 

  • Seamless connections to major retailers
  • An end to manual operations 
  • Access to dozens of channels & millions of customers 
  • Automated order & inventory management
  • Freed up time for branding & marketing