Camper Case Study
Camper Utilizes Cymbio’s Platform to Connect to Leading US Retailers, Generating 67% Growth in Revenue.


Camper was founded in 1975 in Mallorca, Spain, as a contemporary, casual shoe brand, dedicated to creating original footwear concepts. The Camper brand is marketed globally and is present in over 40 countries, with more than 400 stores and sales of around 4 million annually.


Camper’s executive team was eager to grow its digital presence in the US market by leveraging drop ship programs and increasing visibility and assortments with leading retail partners.

Camper’s team recognized the need for not only a strong technology partner but an overall trusted partner who has the ability to support multiple retailers and different processes under one unified platform.


Camper chose Cymbio as its partner to power all integrations to leading retailers in addition to handling all processes related to drop shipping. Through Cymbio’s all-inclusive integration, Camper gained access to multiple drop ship platforms and retail partners, allowing them to launch new assortments in just weeks. Once the Camper team finalized commercial terms with retailers, Cymbio handled all processes, including product uploads, imagery adjustments, automatic inventory updates and order management.

For every order placed with a drop ship partner, Cymbio automatically captured the order to send to Camper, ensuring all retailer SLAs were met while eliminating all manual processes. Camper’s team focused on making commercial decisions to drive the business forward rather than dealing with the details required to drop ship with large retail partners such as Macy’s and Urban Outfitters.


With Cymbio, Camper achieved:

  • 67%

    Growth in wholesale sales via drop ship and marketplaces.

  • 8X

    retail and marketplace partners added in 12 months

  • 60

    work hours saved monthly on drop ship and marketplace set & support

  • 91%

    Time to live on retailers cut by 91%

“We were excited to partner with Cymbio when we learned how they could help us scale our drop ship business. Having worked with the team over the past six months has surpassed our expectations. Connecting with retailers is fast, simple and efficient. We have a true partner for both our tech and commercial teams. After seeing these strong results, we are eager to leverage Cymbio’s capabilities to drive further growth in 2021.”

Pere Fiol Noguera
Pere Fiol Noguera
Head of Business Technology, Camper