Playlearn Case Study
How Playlearn Upscaled its Business for 100% YoY Growth


Playlearn is a brand that believes in inclusivity and demonstrates the desire to help everyone learn and grow through its uniquely designed sensory products. Playlearn’s products appeal to parents of children with special needs, sensory seekers, teachers, therapists, students, and those who simply crave a moment of peace while their mind runs a million miles per minute. Know, grow, and smile is the brand’s slogan, and it’s beautiful sensory products are perfect to help individuals do just that.



With a highly manual process in place, Paylearn’s biggest challenges were limited time and resources. Automation was key in helping the company scale its business online in order to be successful and grow sales. Cymbio provided an easy integration from Playlearn’s system to ours to allow easy order and inventory flow that helped elevate the brand’s online presence and status. Initially, over the period of a month, we integrated into Magento and more recently, we successfully integrated our system via API directly with Playlearn’s eCommerce system. Cymbio’s integrations were smooth and didn’t result in any interruption to Playlearn’s workflow, resulting in a seamless transition and a satisfied customer. 



Cymbio adapted to the brand’s needs by initial integration via Magento, then directly into its own existing e-commerce system with minimal disruption. The seamless API integration and simplistic onboarding allowed Playlearn to maintain full control over its online presence while efficiently improving order flow in order to save time and resources and scale much faster. Moreover, Cymbio was able to expand Playlearn’s retail reach and work on introducing its unique brand products to many more retailers, who now form part of its e-commerce solution.  




Cymbio has been pivotal in introducing Playlearn to key retail outlets to help expand retail connections, increase brand awareness, and grow on both US and Canadian marketplaces. Some of the ways Playlearn benefited from Cymbio’s products include: 

  • Since 2021, Playlearn was onboarded to four key retailers (Bed, Bath and Beyond, Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay, and Best Buy Canada)
  • The brand is also currently being onboarded to two new retailers: Macys and Target
  • Playlearn experienced 100% year-over-year growth at the end of 2021.

Easy automation and synergy between systems allowed for simple integration with minimum impact on time and resources. This has enabled Playlearn to focus on other aspects of its business, such as design and product development.

“Cymbio offered the perfect solution for both technical and full-service partnership. The ease in which we were able to combine systems in such a small amount of time meant that we saw sales increasing very swiftly. The experience has been excellent and we plan on working with Cymbio to help expand our retail connections further.”

Gabriel Newhouse
COO, Playlearn

Why Cymbio

Playlearn was faced with the need to scale its eCommerce business and grow brand awareness in the most efficient way possible. The brand turned to Cymbio for help with accessing key retail sites in order to increase sales. Cymbio helped shift Playlearn from a heavily manual and system-driven business to an easily managed automated platform that allows for simplified inventory management and enhanced order flow processes. The end result exceeded the brand’s expectations, with Playlearn now successfully selling its products on retailer websites such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay, Best Buy, Macys, and more.