Leota Case Study
How Leota Leveraged Automation To Increase Sales By Over 200%


Leota is a female-founded and led clothing company that specializes in fashion for women who do it all. It was founded in 2011 with the distinct purpose of delivering high-quality apparel made from top-notch fabrics that won’t break the bank. They sell beautifully designed dresses and accessories that prioritize style but don’t skimp on comfort or versatility. 


Leota plus-size dress


With a small team and big dreams, Leota was in a tough spot. The company was already selling drop ship but was looking to scale their business by adding more sales channels, but the labor-intensive work was making that nearly impossible. Before they came to Cymbio, Leota’s team was sorting through orders and inventory manually, which meant that some orders were getting shorted and canceled as products began running out of stock at a faster rate than they could keep track of. The company needed a solution to sort out those key processes efficiently enough to ensure all orders were fulfilled, but they were also ready to grow, and needed a way to kill two birds with one stone. 


Cymbio automated all of Leota’s orders and inventory, helping solve the issue of shorted and canceled orders and relieving stress from the team by limiting the manual work they needed to do. We updated the buffers for orders per retailer according to their needs, which has drastically decreased the number of incomplete orders. We also built a new integration for Leota to start selling on an additional retailer, and automated their onboarding process following partnerships with several others.


Cymbio helped make Leota’s eCommerce operations smoother. With our automation platform, Leota was able to:  

  • Increase sales over 200% between Q1 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022
  • Benefit from automated order & inventory management 
  • Decrease the number of shorted & canceled orders 
  • Onboard to 5 new retailers and scale their sales operations 

Thanks to these new efficiencies, the Leota team was able to dedicate more time to finding creative solutions in their supply chain, which has experienced disruptions due to Covid-19. Cymbio’s solution made things easier for Leota not only to ensure smoother eCommerce operations, but to grow and develop their business on other fronts, too.

“Cymbio has made a lot of progress possible for us. So much of our work used to be manual, and it was preventing us from growing at the rate we wanted to. But all of that has changed, and we’ve been able to scale efficiently and experience incredible growth. Cymbio has been a real game-changer for our business!”

Diana Gil Barona
Diana Gil Barona
Operations and Production Manager

Why Cymbio

Cymbio enables brands like Leota to grow in ways they didn’t previously have the ability to. Our automation solution does more than just create seamless eCommerce operations – it creates possibilities. Brands like Leota need a helpful tool like ours in order to make the day-to-day work just that much more efficient and easier, and can then use extra time to grow, scale, and succeed.