Haus of Brilliance Case Study
Jewlery Company, Haus of Brilliance, Grows to 5 Retailers With Cymbio


Haus of Brilliance is a family-run jewelry company based in New York City’s Diamond District.
What started generations ago from humble beginnings by the family’s grandfather has evolved into a business run by the founder’s grandchildren carrying on their family legacy.

The jewelry company specializes in handcrafted fine jewelry and expertly-cut gems meant to offer customers the highest quality and best value.


Haus of Brilliance had the drive and determination to grow its operations to sell on more retailers. Selling on marketplaces and retailers would allow the brand to reach new audiences, make more sales, and grow the brand. However, without the technological resources to integrate its existing e-commerce system, to those of the retailers it wanted to partner with, Haus of Brilliance found itself at a crossroads.

One of the biggest challenges of working with multiple retailers is adapting to each individual retailer’s unique back-end requirements when it comes to inventory and order management. While determined to grow its brand, the Haus of Brilliance team didn’t have enough time or resources to devote to managing this technological project.


In order to grow its business, the jewelry company needed a way to integrate its system to help them automate accounts across different sales channels. That’s when Haus of Brilliance turned to Cymbio. With Cymbio’s retail connections and automation platform, the brand was able to finally connect its platform with new retailers, all without adopting any new software or changing any of its existing procedures.


After going live with Cymbio towards the end of 2021, Haus of Brilliance saw a huge growth spurt. Some of the brand’s most notable accomplishments include:

– Going live on five retailers: Hudson’s Bay, Belk, Verishop, 1900 Flowers, and Poshmark, three of which Cymbio connected it to
– Integrating its e-commerce system into Cymbio’s platform to easily automate sales channels

“As a family-run business, we found it challenging to scale the brand on our own. Thanks to
Cymbio’s automation tools, we were able to scale our business by expanding to five new
retailers, increase our sales, and put our jewelry in front of new audiences, all while maintaining
the integrity of a small, family-run operation.”

Monil Kothari

Why Cymbio

  • Onboarded to industry leading retailers
  • No longer needs to manually process their orders on a daily basis
  • Now has more time to focus on their business and less on operations