OMAMImini Case Study
How OMAMImini Started Selling on 7 New Retailers With E-commerce Automation


OMAMImini is known for its sophisticated and effortlessly stylish children’s clothing. It caters to the most demanding and fashion-forward parents that are looking for simplicity along with a “wow” factor. OMAMImini’s clothing and accessories are designed in downtown Los Angeles and its brand is seeing an increase in popularity due to its unique designs. OMAMImini’s ethos aims to share the feeling of permanent vacation and simplicity with an edge while simultaneously bringing joy into the everyday act of reinventing ourselves through clothing. 




OMAMImini wanted to drive sales globally and scale its business, however, assuming multiple roles, Ola found herself with very little time to push her vision forward. With a strong niche brand, she knew which retail outlets she wanted to partner with but needed the connections to help her secure the collaboration. Moreover, day-to-day operations had become logistically demanding and consumed a lot of Ola’s time, pushing her to lean on external e-commerce partners for help with scaling the business and to drive sales globally.

Cymbio provided the specific retail connections that OMAMImini needed in addition to seamless integration with the brand’s existing systems. Thanks to this partnership, Ola found herself with more time to create, design, and network without having to worry about manually overseeing orders, inventory, or returns.  


Cymbio quickly connected OMAMImini with key retailers that would be interesting in promoting its unique fashion collection. 

Cymbio made onboarding pain-free, alleviating stress for the owner as well as freeing up time while Cymbio took care of  automating drop ship and marketplace operations. The seamless onboarding allowed OMAMImini to automate tasks such as daily management of orders, inventory updates, auto populated imagery, product adjustments, fully managed returns, cancellations, and refund generation.   

Cymbio’s retail connections and fully automated platform provided OMAMImini the e-commerce reach it needed to become a market leader in children’s fashion globally. Cymbio’s unique technology means we were able to save the brand a huge amount of time by cutting out time-consuming correspondence and manual processes that are usually required when partnering with such retailers. Cymbio also provided OMAMImini access to sales channels that might not have been possible without our introduction. In essence, we assisted Omamimini with onboarding  a whopping seven retailers to help optimize significant growth in a very short period of time. As a small business, the support Cymbio provided for elevating OMAMImini’s online presence enabled the seamless integration of its key e-commerce platform (Shopify) into retail systems that would otherwise have been inaccessible.


Our success story with OMAMImini has been one of easy growth and e-commerce success. We provided strong retail connections to help expand retail growth and increase market presence and consumer reach by supersizing operations via our automated e-commerce platform and the brand’s main sales platform, Shopify. Cymbio has enabled OMAMImini to:

  • Secure e-commerce connection with their #1 choice: Maisonette
  • Onboard to seven new retail connections, scaling sales operations at lightning speed
  • Free up time and resources to enable the brand to invest in its flagship store growth 

Subsequently, OMAMImini has been able to focus its efforts on design and supply chain issues in order to further secure its reputation as a strong brand in the children’s fashion marketplace. Moving forward, the options are limitless and we see the partnership growing even further into an excellent success story to inspire other brands who want to expand their reach efficiently and quickly. 

“Working with Cymbio has been a breath of fresh air. I was able to scale my e-commerce operations while simultaneously growing our flagship store. Cymbio’s team has been extremely helpful in connecting me to the right retailers that fit my brand’s DNA and mission, which ultimately leads us to the customers that we are trying to reach.”


Ola Omami
Founder and Designer, OMAMImini

Why Cymbio

Running a successful one-person business requires a lot of patience and impeccable time management skills. OMAMImini’s owner, Ola Omami, found herself wearing every hat possible: designer, seller, retailer, and more. This approach wasn’t sustainable, and Omami understood that for real growth to occur, she needed help to scale her e-commerce operations. With its flagship store at ROW DLTA doing well, OMAMImini wanted to expand into online retailers globally in the most cost effective way relying on maximum automation. Cymbio stepped in to help optimize retail onboarding across several online e-commerce outlets. This was made possible using Cymbio’s automated systems that seamlessly merged with OMAMImini’s current platform, Shopify. The result? OMAMImini’s sales are booming.