Maisonette Case Study
How Maisonette's Cymbio-Connected Brands Grew 74% Using Cymbio's Automation Tools and Platform


Maisonette is an online marketplace for high quality baby and kids products across every category; from apparel to gear to toys and home decor. Founded by two moms in 2017 with the goal of helping modern families raise the next generation, Maisonette carries over 1000 unique brands from around the globe, providing relevant, high quality product at every price point, and expert-led content tailored to every stage of parenthood.

Maisonette Case Study
Maisonette Case Study


Maisonette’s executive team was eager to grow its assortment of incredible brands. They had challenges working with brands’ existing systems and data-sets and efficiently working with each brand’s product data, inventory, orders and documents. They also had a number of brands struggling to meet their KPIs. They needed a quick and efficient solution that could seamlessly enable them to work with any desired brand, to add and diversify their assortment.  

The main challenge for Maisonette is the ability to quickly and easily onboard and automate operations with new brands. Additionally, Maisonette does not have a standard EDI connection, with integration taking between 6-8 months to build, a time period too long for scale. They also wanted to automate processes for their own brand between their warehouse and website backend. Cymbio’s ability to support all systems, protocols, EDI connections and direct integrations with all eCommerce platforms, seamlessly integrating the entire process was a game changer. With this solution, Maisonette could now rely on Cymbio instead of multiple integration partners. 


Using Cymbio’s marketplace automation platform, Maisonette can now:

  • Quickly and efficiently onboard new brands
  • Automate and refresh inventory every hour
  • Promptly fulfill orders for brands and their own personal brand
  • Automate product set-up
  • Quick, smooth, and seamless onboarding 
  • 100% order acceptance rate – each order accepted in 15 min max
  • No additional work for internal technical teams 

Maisonette now automates the shipping process with Cymbio’s services. They’ve eliminated all manual procedures such as printing shipping labels, packing slips, and tracking numbers – saving valuable time and manpower.


With Cymbio’s Integrated Sellers:

  • 74% YOY growth 
  • 20% increase in AOV
  • Onboarded 100+ brands and counting 
  • Average brand onboarding time: 5 days 
  • Doubled order volume 
  • Product assortment live in 3 days 
  • 74%

    YOY growth

  • 20%

    Increase in AOV

  • 100+

    Brands onboarding and counting

  • 5 days

    Average brand onboarding time

  • 2X

    Doubled order volume

  • 3 days

    Average product assortment live

“With Cymbio, we are able to quickly and seamlessly onboard brands to our marketplace. They make it extremely easy for us to grow our product assortments, while helping brands meet their SLAs – all with minimal involvement from our engineering department. We’re very pleased to work with Cymbio and look forward to continued growth.” 

David Laskin
David Laskin
Director, Vendor Operations & Supply Chain, Maisonette

Why Cymbio

Cymbio helps retailers like Maisonette onboard new brands swiftly. We are able to update inventory automatically while also supporting brands through marketplace automation bringing the retailer peace of mind as each brand meets their SLAs. We have a direct integration with all eCommerce platforms that allows for seamless integration, and if any issues arise, our partners can come directly to us instead of multiple integration partners. 

Here’s how Cymbio can help your marketplace and personal brand: 

  1. Transform struggling brands into successful ones 
  2. Seamlessly integrate any size brand
  3. Boost in-house brands and upfront buys 
  4. Become the direct EDI provider 
  5. Automate orders between warehouse and website backend 
  6. Automate all processes for the brand including: product data, imagery, mapping, inventory syncing, taxonomy, orders, billing, tracking, returns, reports and more.