Reef Case Study
Reef Dropship Expansion Is Making Big Waves


In 1984, two entrepreneurial brothers from South America named Fernando and Santiago Aguerre founded REEF out of a love for the beach and surfing. Their idea was to create high-quality, super comfortable products that fit the lifestyle they loved. Fernando and Santi walked everywhere, so they created sandals that could take them to the beach, into town, and wherever they wanted to go – in comfort.
The brothers redefined, redesigned and reengineered every component of the sandals. That attention to detail and an uncompromising standard of quality made Reef the most comfortable sandals anybody had ever worn. The innovations that started in 1984 have evolved into the Reef sandals we love today, becoming a symbol of a free, comfortable and happy lifestyle.



Reef has been focused on expanding partnerships with key retail partners to evolve and grow their digital presence. As consumers have shifted to making more purchases online, it is important that REEF is engaged with the right omnichannel strategy. Drop Ship gives REEF the ability to expand retailer  assortments online while also maximizing opportunities to create additional sales. As the drop ship business has grown and evolved, REEF needed to find a solution that could fast track onboarding new customers, streamline retailer set up documents while also removing the manual process of most of the daily order management and operational tasks.


Reef was looking for a solution that would take the workload off its back and allow for quick scaling. As a result, Reef turned to Cymbio for help with growing onto new  marketplaces and dropship retailers. With Cymbio, onboarding was quicker, and manual processes were automated, such as inventory syncing, order management, relieving Reef’s team from the burden of time-consuming and resource-heavy operations. Cymbio’s offering was very appealing as it was able to connect to Reef’s ex


Cymbio and Reef have been working together for just a few months, but already the results are significant. In the first months of working together, the brand has been able to see a number of promising results:

  • Reef expanded to multiple new retail partners 
  • Transitioned existing drop ship partners to Cymbio platform
  • The company’s number of orders on dropship and marketplaces jumped by nearly 300% percent in 3 months.  

“We are excited with the positive early results that Cymbio has enabled with our drop ship business. We plan to continue transitioning our existing customers onto the Cymbio platform while also expanding our customer base with the best retailers in our industry. “

Mike Losness
Sr Director Sales, REEF

Why Cymbio

Reef was on the lookout for a scalable solution to connect and go live quickly – enabling accelerated multi-channel retail connections.


  • Connect with all brand systems instantly
  • Connect to any retailer regardless of systems, data sets, and protocols
  • Handle full retail set-up from A-Z for all marketplaces, drop ship programs & boutiques
  • Replace manual operations
  • Live and selling on retailers, fast!
  • The best customer experience and a true partnership for growth!