4 Tried and True Ways to Get Your Product in front of Retailers

As a small/medium business, one challenging aspect is getting your brand accepted to sell on retailers. It can be overwhelming to know where and how to start and what to do. So, we’ve got four tried and true ways to help get your brand live and selling on the retailers of your choice. 

1. Develop a retail pitch plan

Developing a list of marketplaces, department stores and boutiques that you’d like to work with is the first way to get your product out there. First, it’s essential to make sure your product is aligned with the retailer’s merchandising plans. Then you can start reaching out to buyers and distributors and share your pitch. Don’t forget to include a cover letter, your press kit, and some of your product samples.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We created a Retail Pitch Template for you!

4 Tried and True Ways to Get Your Product in front of Retailers

2. Be unique

How does your product stand out from all the others on the market? If your industry is saturated with products, the one way you can get started to sell on large retailers is by offering what no one else has. Customize your products, know what your customers want, and provide a custom version. 

3. Reach out and sell yourself

Don’t ever sell yourself short! Put in the work and sell, sell, sell! Research retailers’ point of contact, make phone calls, send emails, and be relentless. Ask what they look for in new products and vendors or any special programs that might help highlight your company and product. Again, don’t be afraid to get your name out there!

4. Work With Cymbio

We work with 600+ retailers and have relationships with each one. We assist in assessing your brand and suggesting the retailers that are the perfect fit. We make the brand-to-retail relationship a seamless and stress-free experience for both the retailer and the brand. All processes are automated from A-Z including: product data, imagery, mapping, inventory syncing, taxonomy, orders, billing, tracking, returns, reports and more. 

Cymbio makes it easier for brands to access hundreds of retailers, growing sales and exposing brands to a global retail ecosystem. Get rid of long 1-1 integrations, manual operations and daily management of brand to retail connectivity. Fully automate all marketplace and drop-ship operations from beginning-to-end, so you can sit back, relax and watch your revenue grow.

Start Selling on Any Retailer!


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