Build a DTC Brand for Maximum Profitability

Since 2020, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have taken off, and eCommerce saw a huge leap in growth, while retail shops jumped on the online bandwagon – proving what we already knew – eCommerce is the future. 

So what does this mean for DTC brands? How can they continue to play in the big leagues, build their audiences, and retain revenue? 

Simply stated – they need to have an audience. Without an audience, there’s no revenue. 

So let’s dive right in! 

Online Retail is Busier Than Ever

Massive growth in online retail shopping presents both opportunities and challenges for DTC brands. Competition drives innovation and heightens customer expectations, so position your brand as the answer to consumers’ questions. It’s a low-cost way to get ahead. 

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You probably already use it, but how deeply are you engaging with your target market? Are you searching and identifying your target audience? If you’re a kids shoe brand, are you engaging on posts from parents asking or searching for kids’ shoes? 

Third-party channels such as  your brand’s social media accounts are extensions of your DTC brand, use it as an opportunity to illustrate your brand’s DNA and personality. They are incredible channels to help drive your message to your target customers. These channels will help drive attention and subscriptions back to your DTC site. 

Think Mobile First

More than 70% of retail eCommerce transactions are mobile. Make mobile the first priority; don’t treat it as an extension of your DTC site. Fully map the user journey on your website: 

  • Keep product discovery top of mind especially on a smaller smartphone screen 
  • Invest in product discovery fit for small screens. Make sure consumers can accurately view each product and seamlessly jump from one product to the next
  • Devote time on the user journey making it a seamless, user-friendly experience
  • Make sure the product detail pages are clean and scrollable
  • Checkout experience should be frictionless with mobile wallet-based one-tap buying solutions 

Become a Storyteller

Simply creating your DTC website with a catalog is not enough. In order to make the most of your DTC website, you must consider the whole customer journey and multiple touch points. There’s a big opportunity for control, attention, and exclusivity with DTC when combining storytelling and commerce the right way.

Strengthen Your Brand’s Reach

Sell on retailers because – let’s face it – your competitors already are. The more places your target market sees your name, the more likely they will recognize your brand. Cymbio connects your brand to multiple retailers and automates the day-to-day, making this part of your business a breeze. This way you won’t have to choose between channels. 

As a brand, one of the top benefits of selling on online retailers is gaining access to the millions of customers it has. Marketplaces and department stores are some of the best marketing channels for brands, it has become an ABSOLUTE MUST to join the momentum. 

Learn how Cymbio can connect your brand to virtually any retailer, automating set-up and daily management of all retail connections.


A True Partnership is More Than Just Liking Each Other’s Instagram Posts

Partner with the right retailers that sell to your target market, and utilize their reach to grow your brand. How much would it cost to have Facebook and Google impressions to get a million views on your site? Grow beside MEGA brands on retailers, which receive millions of visitors a day. You’d be saving a significant chunk of your marketing budget. 

Entertaining = Selling

Today’s consumers are all about one thing – being entertained. If your brand can’t stand out from the crowd and entertain, you’ll just be missing the boat.  

‍2020 is Over. Focus on the Future

If you really want to retain your new customers – post-2020 – you’ve got to keep your brand fresh and in everyone’s minds, strategically create content, optimize subscriptions, sell on retailers and get your brand in front of your customers!

Build Your Multi-channel Retail Connections and Strengthen Your DTC Brand. Learn How to Increase Digital Presence.


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