The 5 Steps To Building Brand Strength That Every DTC Operation Needs to Know

You’ve built a brand and you’re thriving – or at least on your way to it. Now what? 

Leveraging a variety of strategies to boost and strengthen your eCommerce brand will be a huge factor in its success. The best companies in the business don’t just sit at the top of the pile, they continuously work to engage their customers, innovate, push boundaries, and stand out from the crowd.  

Getting to the top is hard, but staying there is even harder. Here are a few ways to leverage different aspects of your brand’s growth and loyalty strategy to do just that. 

Social Media

Engage with your target market on a variety of platforms. Is your primary buyer persona a 20-something? Understanding if they’re the TikTok generation or the Instagram one will be crucial to ensuring you’re not only reaching them, but building visibility and loyalty. Having a social strategy is make-or-break for brands in 2022. 

DTC Site

Ensuring on-point SEO and an engaging social media strategy will attract users to your site, but getting them there is only half the battle – giving them their desired experience once they’ve arrived is hugely important, too. 

Your site should be easy to navigate, interactive, with tech that excites and adds to the user experience, like a virtual try-on tool. And don’t forget to collect adequate data on how your customers browse your site so you can continuously improve its flow and foster higher engagement and increased sales.

Multi-Channel Commerce

The way to win these days is multichannel and, if you can swing it, omnichannel retailing. In an increasingly digital world, it’s more important than ever to sell and have your name on multiple channels. Having access to customers on retail sites and marketplaces, social media apps, and various other platforms can give your brand the boost it needs to scale, grow, and be successful. 

Omnichannel retail takes things a step further by introducing truly seamless experiences across platforms for your customers.

Email Marketing

Don’t discount the importance of email! Yes, we know, you can build loyalty by advertising discount codes and sales on social media, but being in someone’s inbox just keeps you on their mind that much more. A strong brand is one that’s on every platform, and email is absolutely one of those.

Brand Partnerships

Collaboration these days is all the rage. Partnering up with another brand can provide not only visibility for potential new customers, but a good boost of credibility as well. Exploring ways to strategically join forces with a complementary company to your own can prove to be a valuable strategy for both parties. 

For DTC brands looking to scale their digital sales channels and expand their presence, Cymbio is here to help. Our automation platform makes seamless growth possible by easing the onboarding process to retailers and marketplaces with a one-to-all connection. No matter how you’re trying to scale or where to, Cymbio can help you get there. 

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