The Key to a High eCommerce Conversion Rate

Ecommerce businesses often suffer from notoriously low conversion rates. Shoppers may browse and fill up their cart, but never end up checking out. For brands large and small, the challenge is turning those would-be customers into conversions.  

There are a number of steps that brands both large and small can take to ensure a high conversion rate. Here are our tips:

1. Build Trust With Your Customers

Maybe this seems blindingly obvious, but a great way to increase your conversion rate and your sales is to make sure that your customers actually trust you. Selling quality products and ensuring timely shipping are great ways to do this, but customers will only be able to confirm your trustworthiness in these aspects after a purchase. 

Having social proofs on your site is a great way to entice customers to shop more seriously on your site. User reviews for products let potential customers know if a purchase is worth it from people just like them. You can write all the glowing product copy you want, but consumers are interested in the real deal. 

2. Discount Codes

Especially nowadays with inflation increasing the cost of nearly everything under the sun, consumers are more cautious with their spending. Offering discount codes from time to time will encourage consumers to buy your products, but don’t do this with reckless abandon. Saving money is great for customers, but not for brands. Like all the best things in life, moderation is key.

3. Have An Easy-to-Use Interface

Make your site easy to use – it seems like a no-brainer, but most brands still have a ways to go. Drop down menus filled with dozens of options are hard for customers to sort through, so keeping the user experience clean and simple will win you more conversions. 

A brand’s worst nightmare is losing customers at the final stages of the funnel. Not only does your website design need to be intuitive, but the steps that a customer needs to take in order to need to be simple to follow as well.

4. Be Conservative With Your Pop-ups

You want to catch a user’s attention, but doing so on every page they land on is a nuisance, and it won’t help turn them into paying customers. An entry or exit pop-up will suffice – no more than that.

5. Optimize for Mobile

By 2025, nearly 45% of all eCommerce purchases are expected to be made on mobile. That means every brand that’s planning on still being around then should ensure their sites aren’t just mobile-friendly, but optimized for mobile purchases. Apps are great, but most users won’t want to download them, so put a significant focus on making the mobile web experience an easy one for your customers.

A high conversion rate is only one key to an eCommerce brand’s success, though. Scaling beyond your own DTC operation is a necessary step in reaching retail greatness. And for all your growth needs, Cymbio is here. Our automation platform helps brands expand their digital sales channels and start selling on marketplaces and drop ship retailers to their heart’s content. By streamlining the onboarding, set-up, and day-to-day eCommerce operations between brands and their retail partners, inventory and warehouse management systems and more, we make it easy for our customers to grow comfortably.

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