Did you hear? Nordstrom to Launch 3rd Party Marketplace

In case you missed the news, Nordstrom has recently announced that they’re introducing a third-party marketplace to Nordstrom.com next month, and Cymbio is here to support brands looking to onboard.

This strategic initiative, unveiled alongside the company’s Q4 2023 earnings report, underscores Nordstrom’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

CEO Erik Nordstrom’s statement as mentioned in Retail Touchpoints: By reimagining the way we work with our brand partners, we’ll grow our curated online assortment to serve more customers on even more occasions through increasing our use of unowned inventory. Marketplace will allow customers to shop more products and sizes from their favorite brands while providing them more access to new and emerging brands.

This approach not only aims to enhance the customer experience by offering a wider selection of products but also presents an unprecedented opportunity for brands partnered with Cymbio to thrive in the evolving retail landscape by reaching new audiences and customer touchpoints. 

For brands leveraging Cymbio’s marketplace and dropship automation platform, Nordstrom’s marketplace vision translates into tangible benefits. By selling on Nordstrom marketplace brands have the opportunity to take advantage of digital sales growth and the higher margins that come along with marketplace selling.

Cymbio acts as the essential bridge between brands and marketplaces like Nordstrom, providing a centralized hub for managing marketplace, dropship, and social commerce sales operations. Through seamless integration and automation, we empower brands to navigate the complexities of marketplace selling effortlessly, from product data management to order fulfillment and much more.

Will you be taking advantage of this opportunity? 

Want to start selling on Norstrom Marketplace?


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