Gain Access to Macy’s New Marketplace Through Cymbio

It looks like Macy’s is preparing for increased holiday sales this year as they just launched a third-party marketplace run by marketplace platform Mirakl. So what does this mean for retail brands, and how can you gain access? 

Macy’s Monumental Move

With Macy’s new marketplace model, the department store leader can now offer a wider assortment than it currently sells in stores or online, including more than 20 product categories and 400 new brands. They are also offering a wider selection in popular categories such as pets and are offering items and products that you simply cannot get in their stores.

By adding this monumental marketplace model, they will be attracting more brands by giving them the power to connect and sell on their platform in a way that is ideal for them. New brands, categories, and products will provide brands access to billions of customers and gain massive global viability – not to mention seamlessly scaling and increasing sales.

Macy’s is helping continue the trend of adding a marketplace model for sellers to connect and sell as they see fit. Other department stores that added a marketplace model to the mix are Saks Fifth Avenue and Hudson Bay, many of which have ventured into a curated marketplace assortment. Macy’s wants to provide what their customers are looking for so that customers won’t get shopper fatigue. 

The Macy’s/Cymbio Connection

Macy's & Cymbio

As a selected partner of Macy’s, brands that work with Cymbio benefit from automated backend operations with our platform. Our seamless connection automates all product data to inventory, mapping, taxonomy, orders, documents and billing to cash flow management and analytics between you and Macy’s.

“Macy’s announcement of their marketplace is a win-win for brands who are able to benefit from Macy’s scale and customer base – an amazing opportunity for brands to show a wider assortment and newness.” – Roy, CEO of Cymbio

Being brand-oriented is extremely important to us, and aligning with top marketplaces like Macy’s is just one of the ways we help you scale and adapt to the ever-changing e-commerce marketplace. 

Start Selling on Macy's Marketplace



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