How to Conquer the Ever-Expanding World of eCommerce

With endless choices, speedy deliveries, numerous curbside pickup options, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become a widespread revolution among consumers. Raised and evolving expectations, chiefly established by the global giant Amazon, have also broadened the world of eCommerce and digital communication. 

While some brands have conquered the recent surge in online shopping, many brands lack the logistic and internal organization to handle the varying integration requirements and data specifications necessary to rapidly expand across channels. Additionally, maintaining brand-to-retailer relationships can be challenging in relation to product pricing and maintaining brand image on alternative platforms. 

Here are the 5 best practices to improve your content output and retail media strategy for a seamless shopping experience to elevate your presence in the world of eCommerce.


  • Focus on Consumer Intent 

To improve customer retention and loyalty, alter the commonly-used ‘funnel model’ to a flywheel model’ to promote increased sustainable growth. The funnel model works fairly well to acquire new customers and outlines different phases of outreach as well as the optimal strategy to apply to each phase. While this approach suffers from a disconnect between various channels, the flywheel model reorients strategy around consumer intent through connection via social media with customized video content and reward programs. 


  • Create Seamlessness Across Channels

Another way to create a smooth customer experience is to support consistency across channels. Make data-driven decisions, taking into account feedback from people about your product across various platforms. Leverage this data from one channel to inform another, including popular “key” terms. 


  • Utilize Shoppable Media and Dynamic Linking Technology 

Implementing shoppable media technology, a link or piece of digital content that gives customers an actionable experience, is another way to ease the path to purchase. It is also important to use dynamic linking technology, which provides backup products or retailers if an item is out of stock. This is especially relevant in the current state of the economy, which is rife with supply chain issues. 


  • Strike a Balance Between User Experience and Overmonitization 

Remain conscious of over monetization, ensuring that you are not overwhelming customers with ads and detracting from their user experience. This requires careful decisions about which channels you want to utilize to advertise your product and brand. 


  • Improve Your Retail Media Game 

Finally, here are the best-recommended practices for retail media to conquer the world of eCommerce.

  1. Ensure your CTA is visible and quickly delivered so consumers have a clear next step in the purchase process without losing interest. 
  2. Create compelling visuals to design an engaging brand experience while guaranteeing that your content fits marketplace specifications. 
  3. Track how your content performs on retailer sites, as well as how your competitors are being promoted on the digital shelf. 
  4. Ensure that the above decisions are data-driven and constantly tested and tweaked for maximum impact. 


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