How Can Brands Increase Sales Without Spending More?

The retail industry is experiencing a tough time – no matter where you look, there seems to be bad news. Supply chains are still squeezed, production and delivery are slowing down, and suppliers and consumers alike are stressed. Costs are up with inflation. Companies are short-staffed. It’s safe to say that things aren’t what they used to be. 

Budgets are being tightened across the board, but brands are still attempting to maintain growth and outpace their competitors, and those trends tend to be at odds with one another. But that doesn’t mean that success is unachievable. 

Typically, sales growth has meant allocating additional resources to budget for additional manpower and work hours, which can add unnecessary stress for businesses. Growth doesn’t always come cheap, and in the retail sector this has definitely been the rule, not the exception. For brands scaling to sell on new retailers and marketplaces, it often means hiring a team – or having existing employees work on special projects either instead of or in addition to their regular work – to create complex and unique integrations that differ for every new channel. These are expensive and time-consuming processes, and especially when budgets are tight and brands short-staffed, they can seem like the wrong road to go down. 

However, as the industry expands and becomes even more competitive, brands increasingly need to be selling on as many channels and platforms as possible, or they risk losing serious business to their competitors. For businesses wary of taking risks in a complex environment but still interested in growing their business, technologies that ease key eCommerce processes are a must-have. They can help reduce friction in the supply chain, ease in-store staffing shortages, and make growth a reality.  

Automation platforms like Cymbio’s enable smoother retail operations while scaling digitally, enabling seamless growth for expanding brands. As a brand-centric company, we offer a tailored solution that connects brands to hundreds of retailers and marketplaces, encouraging scaling on a large scale. 

Unlike other solutions on the market, our full-service solution doesn’t require brands to build integrations, take up valuable resources and time to learn the intricacies of a complex platform, or require additional manpower. We automate the full scale of eCommerce operations, including onboarding and set-up, as well as day-to-day management, for brands and their retail partners. 

We remove the technological and manual barriers associated with expanding sales channels, like creating time-consuming and complex unique integrations for new retail partners, and reformatting product data and imagery. 

Following set-up, we manage daily eCommerce operations for brands, automating inventory and order management and fulfillment, and ensuring error-free processes, thus reducing the risk of shorted or canceled orders. With streamlined processes like these, brands can efficiently use their inventory to their advantage, selling on more retailers and increasing sales without having to make drastic business changes. With simplified operations, we  act as a one-stop shop for brands to scale and manage eCommerce operations, and since our system is agnostic, we offer a one-to-all connection that can link brands to nearly any retailer, regardless of which system each party uses. It’s the simplest solution on the market to make the most of what you’re already doing and working with. 

Whether your brand is big or small, local or international, young or seasoned, simple scaling is the key to eCommerce success, and Cymbio can help you achieve this. 

Is your brand looking to scale and sell but need a solution that fits your needs and won’t stress your budget? Get in touch with us! We’d love to see how we can help enable your growth!

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