International Women’s Day: We’re Proud to Celebrate Six Female-Founded Brands

This International Women’s Day, Cymbio is proud to highlight some of the female-founded businesses we work with. With the retail business focused largely on women – and with women making up more than 80% of retail consumers – it’s crucial that they’re represented on every level of the chain of commerce. Here at Cymbio, women make up 51% of our company and we are thrilled to represent such a high level of equality and inclusion.

When it comes to the brands we support, we’re truly fortunate to assist female founders who exemplify everything that’s great about women in the workforce! We’re passionate about supporting these brands and powering their retail connections, automating operations, expanding digital channels and growing sales. We are so proud to empower so many incredible women entrepreneurs – staking a place for even more women to succeed in the industry.

International Women's Day: We're Proud to Celebrate Six Female-Founded BrandsMaryam Barrett, founder of Mer St Barth & Busy Bees

Maryam founded Mer St Barts, a beachwear-inspired brand, after falling in love with the island itself. Having married there, she wanted to take her love for the place and turn it into something substantial. After having children, she also founded a kidswear brand, Busy Bees, with the same look and feel and homage to St. Barts. From the brands’ inceptions until today, Maryam runs a nearly one-woman show, creating all the collections herself, organizing all of the product photoshoots, and reaching out to retailers to expand her reach and customer base. While she may have started out small, Maryam is now selling her clothing on some of the nation’s top retailers and boutiques, like Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Busy Bees

International Women's Day: We're Proud to Celebrate Six Female-Founded BrandsCasey Marks, founder of Casey Marks

Another one-woman-show business, Casey Marks, created her clothing collection out of necessity. As a self-taught seamstress, she started sewing pants for her son, then she made a dress and wore it to dinner. Everyone wanted one. Following a few sleepless months sewing dresses, she sought professional help in the Garment District, where she still produces all her pieces. And, while she turned production over to the professionals, she still makes most first-round patterns and samples herself. Her dresses are now sold in a variety of popular retail and specialty boutique stores – proof that following your potential can really turn a profit.

Casey Marks

Sarah CarsonSarah Carson, founder of Leota

Inspired by her great grandmother and go-getter women who do it all, former Wall Street DIY-er Sarah Carson launched Leota in 2011 on the principles of empowerment, femininity and optimism. What began with one perfect dress has become a closet full of perfect. Leota is now a complete women’s fashion line offering four collections per year carried in more than 400 fine retailers globally. Leota has evolved into one of the fastest-growing, women-led companies in the U.S. Flattering fit, amazing fabric and vibrant prints are the hallmarks of Leota.


International Women's Day: We're Proud to Celebrate Six Female-Founded BrandsAlexa Leigh Meyer, founder of Alexa Leigh

Alexa Leigh Meyer, founder and designer of Alexa Leigh jewelry, founded her company first as a creative outlet, and then turned it into a full-fledged, flourishing business. Her aim was to create so much more than just another jewelry line – she wanted every piece to have sentimental value. She puts real importance on balancing her company and her at-home life – she’s a mom to 3 kids – and is an inspiring image for women looking to get into the industry and to really have it all.

Alexa Leigh

International Women's Day: We're Proud to Celebrate Six Female-Founded BrandsBethany Therrien, founder of Melange Collection

Inspired by sustainability and high-quality products, Bethany Therrien founded Melange Collection with her husband James as a way to create economic empowerment for women around the world. Working closely with artisans in Armenia, Guatemala, and Peru, Bethany has cultivated a company that not only produces exceptional goods, but does good as well.


International Women's Day: We're Proud to Celebrate Six Female-Founded BrandsElaine Tran, founder of Dippin’ Daisy

Not only are Dippin’ Daisy’s bikinis and clothing made in the US and completely size-inclusive, they’re also a nod to sustainability in fashion. The company’s founder, Elaine Tran, created the brand as a young entrepreneur, growing it from a one-woman show to a business with more than 100 employees. As the CEO, she’s still involved in the company’s day-to-day operations, overseeing marketing and operations, developing retail relationships, and cultivating the company’s culture. 

Dippin' Daisy's


Cymbio is proud to support these women and their brands, not just on International Women’s Day, but every day. As a majority-female company, Cymbio and its founders recognize the importance of a diversified workforce and are proud to exemplify the commitment to having one.

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