One Way To Win The Fulfillment Cycle: Cymbio’s Unlimited Inventory Feature

It’s no secret that consumers aren’t always aware of what goes on behind the scenes in the retail industry. And it’s not surprising why: with dozens of moving parts and complex processes, it’s tough to be able to follow. What seems simple – place an order, receive an order – is actually pretty complicated. 

Cymbio has set out to streamline those complex processes, and we’re excited to announce our platform has a new feature that does just that. Our groundbreaking unlimited stock feature allows brands to push infinite inventory dynamically between retailers and marketplaces, which drastically cuts down on the potential for shorted or canceled orders across different sales channels. 

This product feature is a fantastic way for companies to leverage their inventory, especially if they fall into one of two categories: brands with accelerated supply chains, and brands whose inventory is stored in various locations. If your brand is able to produce a large quantity of product in a short amount of time, then having an unlimited stock option will be a great benefit for your sales strategy. Whether your supply chain is lightning fast or if your products can be quickly replenished, maintaining an infinite amount of product available – even if it hasn’t yet been produced – is a standout way to ensure your sales never dip. If your brand’s inventory is stored across multiple warehouses or simply in different places and your system doesn’t necessarily reflect the true amount of inventory in stock, then having it listed as unlimited means you can circumvent pulling the data from across multiple sources. 

This type of technology is a game-changer for growing businesses. Ensuring happy customers is every brand’s goal, and this feature is one of many tools brands can use to achieve that. Cymbio’s platform offers brands the ability to seamlessly scale to hundreds of retailers and marketplaces by automating all eCommerce processes from onboarding to set-up to day-to-day operations. If your brand is looking to scale but facing growing pains, our solution might just be the one you need.  

As an added benefit, our unlimited inventory feature can be unique per retailer, meaning your brand can choose to supply an unlimited stock for one sales channel and not for another. This helps you keep your inventory at bay exactly where you want it, and never where you don’t. 

Cymbio’s automation platform is chock full of features that make eCommerce operations simple and easy. By simplifying the onboarding, set-up, and day-to-day management of processes between brands and their retail partners, we make the selling experience a painless one. If your brand is in need of a solution that’ll reduce friction and produce results, then Cymbio might be just what you’re looking for.

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