Shopify Brands and the Ease to Grow Digital Sales

You are already steps closer to increased digital sales. You’ve chosen Shopify as your eCommerce platform and that’s terrific. You’ve been great at building your brand and your business and now you need that extra special push to optimize your retail connections. 

From just one 10-minute set-up with Cymbio, you’ll have the ability to start selling on virtually any retailer, including marketplaces, department stores and boutiques, and there’s no limit to the number of retailers that you can sell on – SWEET! 

We automatically sync to your Shopify store, providing full transparency and visibility of all orders within your account. We’ll pull inventory directly from your Shopify account and then push orders with the names of the retailers that you are connected to. Orders are shown in your Shopify account the same way as any eCommerce order displays – just tagged from the specific retailer. Cymbio will take care of all the daily management of streamlined product data, imagery, mapping, inventory syncing, taxonomy, orders, billing, tracking, returns, reports and more so you can focus on building that incredible brand of yours!

Cymbio’s Co-founder & CEO, Roy Avidor had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Hutt, the Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify to discuss Shopify, Cymbio, and the incredible partnership between the two. Here is what they discussed:

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Tell me a bit about your journey leading up to the launch of Cymbio? What uniquely positions you and the founding team to have the desire and expertise to create this platform?

  • Our goal is to create a connected commerce world by seamlessly and efficiently connecting, scaling, and automating the full cycle of digital retail operations for every brand, enabling advanced and consistent digital sales growth. 
  • I came from a family with deep roots in retail and as great friends, my two co-founders who built SaaS companies in the past,  knew we would create something magnificent together. With a passion for eCommerce, we sought to solve some of the industry’s strongest pain points. 

Why have you seen such excitement from brands and retailers to join Cymbio?

  • By partnering with Cymbio, brands no longer have to hire an in-house team for manual operations. They now have the luxury to focus on growing their brand.
  • There’s no limit to the number of retailers to connect with because we make connecting to them so easy.
  • Selling on retailers is such an affordable way to grow digital sales channels and meet your customers exactly where they are. 

Steve Madden is a customer along with hundreds of other Shopify brands. Why do you believe they have made the Cymbio choice?

  • It’s a simple, straightforward way to easily increase digital sales & channels.
  • Each brand has their own personal success manager who handles the day-to-day including product data, imagery, mapping, inventory syncing, taxonomy, orders, billing, tracking, returns, reports and more. 
  • We relieve brands from the daily operations and any sort of  manual processes. 

How has Cymbio been intentional to differentiate from others in the Shopify ecosystem?

  • We have absolutely no limitations in terms of the number of connected retailers and type of retailers, whether that be department stores, marketplaces, or boutiques. 
  • Many solutions do bits or pieces of what we do – we take care of the full brand-to-retail connectivity. 
  • We work with hundreds of Shopify brands and have some killer success stories. 

With Q4 and the holiday season just around the corner, what are you recommending that Shopify brands do now  to prepare for the inevitable rush?

  • It’s not too late to connect to retailers before Black Friday. Cymbio will connect your brand to virtually any retailer and integration in minutes.
  • Get in touch to let us know where you want to be sold, and we will make it happen!

We all love stories. And as entrepreneurs and marketers, it’s the education and inspiration from others that can help motivate change in all of us. 

Can you share a recent journey of a Shopify brand that has implemented Cymbio?

Fair Harbor implemented drop ship through Cymbio to increase their digital sales channels – as a part of their overall eCommerce strategy. They did so well that the department stores decided to bring their brand in store too! They’ve also done extremely well selling to retailers through wholesale and supplementing through drop ship. This allows Fair Harbor to test different styles that buyers might be unsure of. Once the style starts selling,  they have data that speaks for itself and are then able to suggest bringing in more variety through wholesale and in-store – and this is exactly what they did. 💪


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