Supply Chain Delays Throughout the Holidays

It’s already the beginning of November – the peak of the retail world. But the industry is already in various forms of panic which historically doesn’t start until weeks before Christmas. 

And the panic is real this year – which could leave the holiday season at risk. Early this year, the hope was that the 2020 supply chain issues would mostly be cleared by now – they’ve actually gotten worse — much worse. 

The pandemic has majorly challenged our global economy due to many factors such as: factory shutdowns, lockdowns, labor shortages, disruptions to logistics networks, an increase in delivery times, and an overwhelming increase in freight costs.

And it’s not just affecting your neck of the woods – worldwide locations are experiencing extremely long turnaround times, lack of products, and record-high shipping costs. And the scary thing is that this lack of shipping goods will result in low-profit retail margins.

Inventory Challenges and Supply Chain Issues

There are countless brands and retailers that are negatively affected by the supply chain issues, currently creating inventory challenges. If you are worried about holiday sales, a great option is to start selling these products through drop ship. This way the moment the products reach your warehouse, the retailer can start selling these items and maximize selling time. 

The Alternative

Brands can continue to sell upfront, but due to the shipping delays and retailers not receiving the products in time – it could add weeks to the process – a time gap that is not feasible during the busiest time of the year. 

Adding Drop Ship

Considering the importance of the holidays and timing, drop ship is a great alternative for your brand and is something Cymbio can support almost instantly. 

Drop ship is a fantastic business model because it’s accessible, you can quickly add new products and channels with limited downside, and it’s easy to get started. Cymbio can automate all drop ship processes, and you’re also able to add as many items as you’d like to secure a successful holiday season. 

 If you are interested in adding a drop ship to supplement your holiday sales, we’d love to chat. 

Learn More About Supplementing With Drop Ship.


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