Top 10 marketplaces for your luxury brand

Feeling like your fashion business deserves a bigger audience (and a bigger payday)? Luxury goods can be sold online for a huge profit, but finding the right platform isn’t always easy. Here are 10 of the best online marketplaces where you can sell apparel goods, including clothing, jewelry, watches, and personal care, showcasing your brand’s exquisite style to a broader audience. 

10. Miinto: The Nordic Fashion Hub (Minimalist Aesthetics and High-Quality Design)

Miinto is the leading luxury fashion platform in Scandinavia. Tap into a growing market with a distinct appreciation for minimalist aesthetics and high-quality design. This marketplace is an excellent fit for brands offering luxury apparel with clean lines and a focus on quality craftsmanship.

9. BestSecret: The Members-Only Luxury Playground (Exclusive Access for High-End Shoppers)

BestSecret is an exclusive members-only club for luxury shoppers. Gain access to a highly coveted audience with a desire for unique, high-end fashion. This marketplace is ideal for brands offering limited-edition or highly sought-after luxury items.

8. 24S: Elevating Streetwear with a Curated Touch (Luxury Streetwear with Established Names)

24S offers a high-fashion twist on Streetwear. Showcase luxury streetwear designs alongside established names, reaching a fashion-forward audience. 24S operates in over 100 countries and offers its website in multiple languages. This marketplace is an excellent fit for brands that bridge the gap between Streetwear and high fashion.

7. Printemps: Parisian Chic for the Discerning Customer (Bonjour, Parisian Luxury!)

Printemps takes Parisian elegance seriously! It presents a refined taste for European luxury items and everything associated with “French fashion”. 

It is the perfect platform for brands with a distinctly Parisian aesthetic or those looking to tap into the European luxury market, which has 50 million visitors each year.

6. YOOX: Where Technology Meets Luxury (Seamless Shopping for Curios Customers)

YOOX offers a seamless online shopping experience for luxury seekers. Their fresh platform allows you to showcase your brand alongside established designers and emerging new brands and participate in casual pop-up events on the platform. This platform is an excellent fit for brands prioritising innovative sales technics and user-friendly shopping experiences.

5. Farfetch: The Global Curated Closet (Luxury with a Global Network)

With over 1,300 brands and boutiques connected to millions of customers in 190 countries, Farfetch is best known for its stylish, high-quality global platforms for luxury fashion. Selling on Farfetch allows brands offering distinctive pieces to reach a highly targeted audience seeking unique and luxurious apparel, making it ideal for brands offering distinctive pieces that cater to a specific international fashion sense.

4. Bloomingdale’s: Sophisticated Style with a Global Reach (Expand Your Brand’s Runway)

Bloomingdale’s, one of the most popular and well-known online marketplaces, provides a curated selection for fashion-forward consumers. This is a perfect way to expand your brand’s reach to a global audience with a penchant for elevated style, perfect for brands seeking to showcase their designs to a sophisticated international clientele

3. Saks Fifth Avenue: The Ultimate Fashion Destination (For Trendsetters and Timeless Pieces)

Saks is a timeless fashion icon that has been attracting a fashion-savvy crowd for years. According to Similarweb, Saks Fifth Avenue’s website has around 18.6 million monthly visits.

Join this marketplace to reach those who appreciate traditional pieces along with new emerging trends. This makes it ideal for brands offering a unique blend of fashion-forward designs and classic elegance.

2. Neiman Marcus: A Legacy of Luxury (Rub Shoulders with Fashion Royalty)

Neiman Marcus is synonymous with luxury fashion. Being part of this marketplace positions your brand alongside established powerhouses, adding a touch of prestige and attracting high-end shoppers seeking iconic names.

1. Nordstrom: Where Chic Meets Customer Service (and Loyal Shoppers)

Nordstrom is a leader of loyal fashion insiders who value quality and impeccable service. Their excellent reputation translates to increased brand trust for your luxury apparel, making it an excellent fit for brands focusing on exceptional customer experience.

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Marketplaces offer a powerful revenue-boosting channel by expanding brand reach and skyrocketing sales. These platforms boast established user bases of curious shoppers actively seeking designer pieces. By listing your brand on one of these established powerhouses, you gain instant access to a global audience primed for luxury purchases. Marketplaces act as a digital gateway to a world of opportunity, connecting you with the right audience and propelling your brand towards unparalleled success.

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