How DTC Brands Can Circumvent Industry Challenges

Deloitte recently released their Retail Tech Report for 2022, and it was filled with insights and inside scoops into everything that’s going on in the industry this year. 

One of the main challenges they found throughout the industry is a shortage in retail workers, which causes friction and can result in an increase in operational costs. Many retail businesses are squeezed in terms of their workforce, and that has a cascading effect on how well their operations can realistically run. Going the DTC route is a great option for businesses to cut costs where they can by reducing middlemen, but doing so as a small or growing brand also runs the risk of stunting growth. 

Focusing solely on DTC also reduces a brand’s ability to increase sales. By selling only on a single channel, it’s very tricky to grow a customer base, even with a fantastic social strategy to bring people to a DTC site. While reducing spend might seem like a good option in the short term, it’s disadvantageous in the long run. 

Growth tends to mean expanding operations, which either requires hiring more employees or increasing the workload of a brand’s existing team. An increased workload creates the potential for errors, which means that all those growth plans may run brands into a rut. 

Companies are hard pressed for solutions to this issue. How can brands expand while retaining employees without overworking them? By employing technology that makes the lives of their workers easier, and makes their business run better. 

Cymbio is proud to have been featured in the Deloitte report for our excellence in enabling DTC brand growth! Technology helps to tighten every step of the supply chain, every aspect of the buying, shipping, and returns process, and everything behind the scenes. Technologies like ours were created to help eCommerce businesses run smoothly, grow seamlessly, and scale swiftly. 

Deloitte Tech Report Map

As the leader in brand-to-retail connectivity, Cymbio offers brands a tailored solution for scaling their digital sales channels. While DTC operations enable brands to have full control over their operations, marketing, and sales, they’re generally limited in their ability to reach the right amount or segment of customers. By selling on retail sites and marketplaces, brands increase brand visibility and trust, reach and expand their target audience, and grow their sales exponentially.  

In an industry that is increasingly digital, it’s important for brands to be in as many places as possible online, and Cymbio’s enablement of this is a game changer.

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