Unlocking Growth Potential: 4 Effective Strategies for Children’s Apparel Brands to Drive Sales

Children’s apparel brands shouldn’t shy away from entering the competitive online space. While apparel brands geared towards adults use specific strategies to grow their brands, the same strategies might not always be the right fit when it comes to children’s brands. 

However, there are certain strategies that carry over between the two and some unique ones that children’s apparel brands can leverage to help them grow their business.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at a few key strategies you can employ to help you boost children’s apparel sales and how platforms like Cymbio can help you grow your brand.

4 Strategies to Boost Sales for Kids’ Apparel Brands

The global market size of kids’ apparel is actually growing at a steady rate. By 2029, the kids’ apparel market is expected to grow to over $296 billion from $187 billion in 2022. With a hot market, there’s no reason why kids’ brands can’t get in on a slice of the pie. 

Unlike other products, with kids’ apparel, you’re usually marketing to parents shopping for their little ones rather than directly to the end consumer. For this reason, some marketing strategies must be adjusted accordingly to remain successful.

Here are a few easy-to-implement strategies you can use to boost the visibility of your kids’ apparel business and encourage parents to shop with your brand.

1. Influencer Marketing

When it comes to harnessing the power of influencers, children’s apparel is no exception. Partnering with influencers creates a strong avenue for connecting with new audiences, building brand awareness, and establishing a sense of trust and authenticity with your shoppers. In the kids’ apparel space, no one does this better than “momfluencers” or mommy bloggers.

A momfluencer is exactly what it sounds like, a mother who leverages social media to share tips, tricks, stories, and hacks of motherhood with an online following. For brands, this presents a unique opportunity to get in on a lucrative space where mothers share recommendations between themselves. According to surveys, 64% of moms trust recommendations that they get personally, such as from other moms. When a brand is recommended by another mother, it lends a sense of trust seeing that other moms trust their little ones with your brand.

2. Play Into Nostalgia

What goes around comes around: nowhere is this more true than fashion trends. With millennials making up the majority of parents to young kids, it’s no surprise that nostalgic apparel that reminds them of their youth can tug on the heartstrings. Certain kids’ apparel trends like oversized t-shirts, bucket hats, or bomber jackets all evoke 90s fashion and a sharp sense of nostalgia among parents who grew up in that era. Kids’ apparel company, Dotty Dungarees, did just that with their classic dungarees that bring nostalgia into contemporary children’s fashion.

When crafting your ad campaigns, make sure to play up the nostalgia by reminding parents of the trends of their childhood. This can inspire an emotional connection to your brand by reminding them of their own feelings of childhood comfort. In your campaigns, style apparel in a certain way, incorporate designs or artwork from decades ago, or recreate vintage ads to create a sense of nostalgia.

3. Reach Parents Where They Are

Parents are often spread thin between juggling their own and their kids’ schedules, which sometimes leaves them less time to shop online. Of course, online retailers and marketplaces make it easier for them to shop for everything they need in one place, whether that’s household products, groceries, or children’s clothes. In fact, 67% of Amazon Prime subscribers are parents, showing how essential these avenues are to moms and dads.

In order to reach parents where they shop, it’s important to adopt an omnichannel strategy. As an apparel brand, you need to be everywhere parents are: on social media, mobile devices, and common marketplaces. By offering a tailored experience that’s cohesive across multiple channels, you can capture parents’ attention, introduce them to your brand, and engage with them when and where it’s easiest for them.

4. Improve Your Content Quality

Supercharge your ROI by providing higher-quality information through enhanced content, which is product data that has been enriched above and beyond the usual product content or data. This might look like videos explaining a product, 360-degree views of an item in your online shop, comparisons between products, and more.

A study by Profetiro showed that brands who use enhanced content like images and videos on retailer websites like Amazon have actually increased sales by anywhere between 15-58%. As a kids’ apparel brand, ensuring that you have a mix of content types can be the road to success. Leverage a variety of different images, videos of children in your products, or even graphs displaying the materials that make up your product. 

Grow Your Children’s Apparel Brand With Cymbio

Even knowing the strategies you need to grow your brand, it can be a challenge to do it on your own, especially if you’re a small team. That’s why children’s apparel brands like Busy Bee Kids, Gunamuna, and OMAMImini all turned to Cymbio for help growing their brands, adopting an omnichannel strategy, and boosting content.

Cymbio is a multichannel growth platform that helps brands connect with retailers and marketplaces. Through Cymbio’s platform, brands can skip the technical headache of manually connecting their own platforms to different retailers and allow Cymbio’s team to take care of it. This results in expanding onto more channels in less time, cutting down on manual processes, and creating more resources for you to focus on growing your brand.

With Cymbio, kids’ apparel brands can:

  • Reduce time spent on syncing inventory between retail channels
  • Adopt new sales channels such as retailers, marketplaces, and social
  • Automate manual tasks related to order management
  • Sync inventory between channels for a seamless omnichannel shopping experience
  • Manage and organize enhanced product content across different channels that meet each retailer’s specific requirements
  • Connect with new retailers to get your products in front of new audiences


By strengthening your brand through a multichannel sales approach, Cymbio helps you put your children’s apparel brand in front of parents wherever they shop while saving you time, resources, and budget.


Chat with one of our retail experts to see how Cymbio can help your brand grow its omnichannel presence



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