Our Top 8 Last-Minute Quick Wins to Increase Your eCommerce Holiday Sales

2021 Holidays


The holiday season means go-time for online retailers to increase sales revenue, with shoppers wanting to avoid big crowds and conveniently shop from the comfort of their homes. So how do eCommerce retailers make sure they are fully equipped to take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity?

Here are our Top 8 Holiday eCommerce tips to increase revenue this holiday season: 

  1. Create personalized messages for your customers

Today’s shoppers want it all! And this especially means a custom-made, personal shopping experience. If you want to reach current and potential customers, you’ll have to start communicating directly to them at the right time. 

It’s important to know exactly who your users are. What is their buying intent? How do they interact? What is their buying behavior? And with that information, create tailor-made holiday content and notifications that match their specific demographic and data. Show potential customers that you are ready to cater to their wants and needs on a personal level. 


  1. Start remarketing with highly-dynamic holiday ads

Here’s the thing about today’s digital customers – their experiences and attention spans are not confined to just one brand. Shocking, we know, but customers always want more. This means businesses need to up the ante by delivering excellent customer experiences.

Using one brand-centric platform to optimize the entire customer journey is a scalable way to keep up with customer demand while providing a personalized and convenient experience for each customer. For example, leveraging cloud-based eCommerce platforms can be an easy way for sellers to work with the technology integrations needed to sell on multiple drop ship and marketplace retailers – automating product data, imagery, mapping, inventory syncing, taxonomy, orders, billing, tracking, returns, reports and more.

remarketing holiday campaigns

  1. Setup New Sales Channels to Expand Your Reach

Shoppers are already shopping on marketplaces, retailers, and social media, so use this as an opportunity to get your brand and products directly in front of them. 

Sell on retailers 

Marketplaces and retailers can be very popular during the holiday season. So, if you’re not already selling them, it’s not too late to start. If you are working with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento – it takes only 10 minutes to get set up. And if you are working with another eCommerce platform we integrate with them too!

For instance, if you are using Cymbio, you can easily connect to Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Madewell, JCrew, Farfetch, Macy’s, Dillards, Urban Outfitters, Kroger, Walmart and hundreds more. 

Also, don’t feel like you need to list every product you sell. You can always start small with just your most popular items, and evaluate from there. 

Sell on retailers

Start tagging your products to create shoppable Instagram posts

Instagram is a great social platform to gain new customers by using product tags across various formats. Take advantage of posts in your feed, Stories, Reels, IGTV, captions, and IG Live. You can also encourage your customers to tag their posts with your products to create an even greater organic reach. 

     4. Turn on Drop ship for supply chain delays

Inventory Challenges and Supply Chain Issues

Countless brands and retailers are negatively affected by the supply chain issues, which creates inventory challenges. If you are worried about holiday sales, a great option is to start selling your products through drop ship. This way, the moment products reach your warehouse, the retailer can start selling these items and maximize selling time. 

The Alternative

Brands can continue to sell upfront, but due to shipping delays and retailers not receiving the products in time, it could add weeks to the process – a time gap that is not feasible during the busiest time of the year. 

     5. Perfect your mobile shopping experience 

Last year alone, the majority of shoppers used their mobiles to shop for the holiday. So if your mobile game isn’t strong, you’re putting a lot of sales at risk. Make sure that you deliver the best possible experience for those mobile shoppers. Here’s how: 

  • Optimize your website by running a Google mobile-friendly test.
  • Personalize shipping prices and product availability based on your customers’ location.
  • Place the sweetest deals at the top above the fold. 
  • Improve your website speed by enabling dynamic page serving. 
  • Remove pop-ups and sidebars. 
  • Add pre-fill customer data options to avoid checkout mistakes.
  • Offer the ability to email shopping lists to users’ emails. 
  • Add support for digital wallets.

Optimize for mobile

6. Provide excellent customer service

Do you want to know the secret for maintaining holiday shoppers long-term? Excellent customer service! 

It’s true, maintaining high levels of customer service during holidays can be challenging, but it is essential.  Ensure your customer service game is top-notch by proactively adding FAQs or self-help pages, installing a chatbot to provide quick answers, and offering 24/7 assistance. 

     7. Create special discounts for loyal customers 

There’s one thing that all consumers love, and that’s a discount – especially during the holidays! Give your loyal customers something to keep them coming back for – an exclusive holiday discount. A little kindness goes a long long way! 

Loyal discounts

     7. Give your first-time buyers a reason to return

With so many new businesses and niches popping up daily, customers have choices galore. And in order to turn first-time buyers into loyal customers, you need to nurture that new relationship. Two fantastic ways are by placing them in your loyalty program and offering them a subscription package.  

Wrap them up with a shiny red bow

Even though the holidays are upon us, you still have time to put these eCommerce strategies into place and increase your holiday sales. Pick two or three strategies that can be easily implemented and start wrapping. 

Contact us, and we will be happy to automate and manage all your marketplace and drop ship operations so you can focus on growing your business – while we handle your retail channels. 

Lastly, don’t postpone any further, start acting now!

Increase Your Digital Sales, Automate Drop Ship & Marketplace Operations


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